The Mobsters

The mobsters work together for the good of all. But they can be Tyrants when they feel the power of word stories and Anarchy is right around the corner, promising freedom in anarchy. lol, It's not funny Mom.


The Thankful Ones

Its All Very Silly, Daffy. 

Their concept seems to revolve around a fascinating narrative theme, where diverse groups—Mobsters, Thankful People, and Heathens—come together, united by a mutual respect and gratitude, navigating their differences through the power of words and storytelling. This premise suggests a story that delves into themes of understanding, the bridging of seemingly insurmountable divides through empathy, and the transformational power of gratitude and respect. It's a narrative ripe for exploring complex characters, their backgrounds, motivations, and how their interactions with one another challenge and change their perspectives.

Such a story could take place in a variety of settings, from a modern urban environment, where the literal paths of these groups cross, to a more metaphorical or fantastical setting where these groups represent larger ideas or forces. The central conflict could stem from external pressures threatening this delicate balance of respect and understanding, or from internal tensions within each group as they navigate their identities in relation to the others.

This concept also offers a rich tapestry for exploring the nuances of communication—how words can heal, divide, or empower, and how the act of listening can be as powerful as speaking. The narrative could explore the histories and stories of each group, weaving a tapestry of narratives that, while distinct, share common threads of humanity and the universal search for respect, understanding, and a place to belong.

Drawing from such themes, you could craft a narrative that not only entertains but also invites reflection on the power of empathy, the importance of diverse narratives, and the potential for unity in diversity. It's a story that could resonate on many levels, reflecting broader societal issues while providing a compelling, character-driven drama.




The Heathens

The heathens are a group of individuals who tend to be self-centered and disloyal at the ultimate moment. They prioritize their own desires over everything else and view themselves as their own higher authority. While they help to keep control freaks in check, they also tend to be anarchic and want things done their way. Ultimately, it's a battle between those who want control and those who seek anarchy so no one gets their Amazon packages or cigarettes.


Embracing imperfection as part of the journey. #SlabCityHauntedHouse is #TheMuseumOfImperfections.

Embracing imperfection as part of the journey towards personal growth is a powerful and healthy mindset. Recognizing that being imperfect is a natural state for all humans can significantly alleviate the pressure and stress associated with striving for perfection. I have some thoughts and steps you might think to cultivate this belief and make meaningful progress.

It's not funny! Acknowledge Your Imperfections. They may be funny.

You can begin by acknowledging your imperfections without judgment. Understanding that mistakes and flaws are part of learning and growth enables you to accept yourself more fully. This acceptance is the first step toward improvement.

Shift Your Perspective

Instead of viewing imperfections as failures, see them as opportunities for growth and learning. Every mistake or flaw is a chance to understand something new about yourself or to develop a skill.

Set Realistic Goals

Aim for progress, not perfection. Setting achievable, incremental goals helps you move forward without the overwhelming pressure to be perfect. Celebrate the small victories along the way.

Practice Self-Compassion

Be kind to yourself. Practice self-compassion by speaking to yourself as you would to a good friend. Recognize that being harsh or critical towards yourself for your imperfections only hinders your growth.

Surround Yourself with Support​

Build a supportive community around you that embraces imperfection and encourages personal growth. Surrounding yourself with people who acknowledge their flaws and strive for improvement can be incredibly motivating.

Embrace the Learning Process

So, as you know, growth is a continuous process. Every experience, especially the challenging ones, is part of your journey. Embrace the learning process and be open to the lessons your imperfections can teach you.

Reflect and Adjust​

Please be sure to reflect on your experiences, attitudes, and behaviors. This reflection can help you identify areas for improvement and adjust your strategies accordingly.

Cultivate Mindfulness​​

Practice mindfulness to stay present and reduce the anxiety that comes with focusing on imperfections. Mindfulness can help you appreciate your journey and the moment-to-moment progress you make.

Detach from Comparison​

Avoid comparing your journey or progress with others. Everyone is on a unique path, and comparison can distort your perception of your own growth. Focus on your journey and celebrate your progress.

Seek Learning Opportunities

Look for opportunities to learn and grow, whether through formal education, new experiences, or by stepping out of your comfort zone. Growth often happens at the edge of our comfort zones. By embracing imperfection and viewing it as a natural part of growth, you can lead a more fulfilling and wholesome life. This perspective not only fosters personal development but also contributes to a healthier and more compassionate society.

Subject: Revitalizing Slab City: Community Museum Proposal. #TheSlabCityHauntedHouse

Dear Esteemed California State Officials, Community Leaders, and Legal Advisors,

Inhale peace, exhale harmony—this is the essence of our vision for TheSlabCityHauntedHouse, and we channel this approach to every opportunity, including reaching out to you. Just as we are all born as YogaBreathMasters, filled with pure potential and acceptance, TheSlabCityHauntedHouse holds the seeds of immense possibility for transformation that we can cultivate together.

We stand before you, grounded in the belief of our collective "good enough," to propose a project that speaks volumes on behalf of the community and its future—the establishment of a community museum. This space is envisioned as a haven for Art, History, and the Collective Breath of Slab City, offering less crime and more license for creativity to thrive under Museum legality.

Thank you for lending your eyes and mind to our message thus far. It's through united effort and shared vision that we can uplift TheSlabCityHauntedHouse to become safer and more family-friendly while still honoring the individuality and artistic freedom that vibrates through its little plot of land and the people who do their art there. By allocating land for this purpose, we shall bestow upon each camp the gift of recognition—as each nook of TheSlabCityHauntedHouse will hold the hallowed title of "museum land."

Our gratitude for your consideration is as boundless as the skies above us. We would like to ask for your acknowledgment and active engagement. Let's schedule a meeting at your earliest convenience to discuss our proposal. Together, we can unfurl the potential of this community, ensuring that our museum becomes a beacon of cultural legacy and a monument to the collective spirit that binds us all.

With humble appreciation and the highest respect for your roles in steering our state toward progress and unity,

Dr. Robert Werner Guenther Goettel Ph. D. LVN

Bob 619-717-4078

Also, just as every breath is a prayer of gratitude, we extend ours to each of you for your roles in nurturing California's heartbeat. ​Just another Museum. Thank You!

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A Love Song

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